Dots – Play Beautifully

Infiniti QX50 – Japanese Born

TELESTRON – Robotic light installation

Audi A5 – Pure Imagination

Infiniti QX50 – Study of Power

Adobe – Remix


Car vs Drone


This guy is a visionary whose creativity and innovation spans multiple platforms, and has established himself as one of the top visual and design directors in the world. Utilizing a fusion of science-fiction themes, psychedelic palettes, and practical in-camera effects, his signature style is enigmatic, atmospheric, and metaphysical – much like the Munky himself.

His ethos is driven by his desire to learn and be uncomfortable. Never content to rest on his laurels, he continuously seeks to apply his foundation in design to new mediums, with new collaborators. He finds no greater joy than joining forces with the people he adores to discover what their combined talents can yield. The results of these labours often take beautiful and unexpected forms, be it installations, short films, music videos, title sequences, print exhibitions, commercials, and various forms of graphic design.

A fascination with lush textures, light-play, and movement inform his unique image-making techniques, which range from utilizing programmable lighting arrays, projection mapped sculpture, robotic choreography, cymatic-driven material reactions, full-spectrum photography, and motion-controlled cinematography. His work often centers around themes of identity, metaphysics, and the human connection to technology.

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