Tim K directed this fun AARP spot featuring tough guy Danny Trejo, who "puts out a fire on his arm just by growling at it, shaves with a machete (natch), lifts cars and knits chain mail." The ad is an effort to both support, and raise awareness for, men who care for their elderly loved... Read more »
Featured TVC : Infinity "Empower the Drive". Welcome Nicolas Randall (Bullitt). A renaissance man, blending his experience as an agency creative director on renowned ad campaigns with his storytelling skills as a director, he brings truly a knockout combo. Randall enjoys exploring the artful ways to entertain and connect. His endeavors as a director and creative director... Read more »
NEW WORK: Mt Melvil works with Honda to celebrate the production of 100 million units of it’s most iconic motorbike, the Super Cub. Emerging young director Mackenzie Sheppard was at the helm for this first in a series of old-school television commercials; this quirky montage of Saigon titled ‘Super Cub Riders.’
OFFICIAL TRAILER: For the new Larry Charles (Bullitt) film Army of One. From the director of Borat, based on a true story of one man's attempt to hunt down Bin Laden. Starring Nicolas Cage, Russel Brand.
#WINNING We'd like to share a big congratulations to #Bullitt co-founders#RussoBrothers (Captain America, The Avengers) for their latest China success as they look to sign a new partnership with the #HuayiBrothers. Exciting times ahead, watch this space for the new movement - #Bullitt#Must #China #Entertainment #Future See full Variety article - http://variety.com/2016/film/news/russo-brothers-huayi-brothers-partnership-1201846628/  
#NEWWORK #Bullitt director Matt Ogens and #PS260West editor, JJ Lask, worked alongside The Mill and Eleven Sound to create RYOT's compelling spot. Shows us how AR is offers us positive social change. Go#HuffingtonPost #RYOT #LALourve #ar #PS260 See the full Forbes article here - http://www.forbes.com/…/how-can-ar-be-used-for-social-goo…/…  
We keep saying China’s WeChat is going to take over the world... With many more strings in it's bow than any rival social platform, the promise of a cashless economy, the question is not how but when will it go global? LINK: http://www.economist.com/news/business/21703428-chinas-wechat-shows-way-social-medias-future-wechats-world
#WINNING Big props to Bullitt for breaking new ground and sweeping VR awards at #Cannes. 2 Gold Lions in two brand new categories: Virtual Reality, and Technological Achievement in Digital Craft. Congratulations to #JustinLin, #Bullitt, #TheMill and #GoogleATAP teams for paving the way.
#WINNING A huge opening weekend. Congrats to Bullitt founding partners The Russo Brothers on the 5th biggest opening weekend of all time #civilwar #russobrothers #marvel #disney #bullittbranded #bullitt LINK - http://variety.com/2016/film/news/box-office-captain-america-civil-war-jungle-book-1201768804/
#NEWWORK - Introducing the latest project with #WK Shanghai for #Nike. #LaurentBarthelemy directed this 2 night shoot with killer shoes, LED suited runners, drones, goats and a lotta running. Maximum effort from all depts. to pull off something quite magical. #MustFilms #MtMelvil #EightVFX #ChinaRoster